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Welcoming the Newest CD12 Rapid Response Team Member

November 30, 2018

The CD12 Rapid Response Team is one of the most important components of the Neighborhoods FIRST initiative. This team helps our community by providing quick reliable service in the reporting and removal of debris, abandoned items, hazardous materials, and other forms of blight on our streets in a prompt manner in order to maintain the quality of life in our neighborhoods.

Recently, our office bid farewell to two Rapid Response team members who gained acceptance to the Los Angeles Police Academy on their way to becoming sworn LAPD Officers. In a recent edition of this newsletter, we announced the hiring of George Alvarez for the CD12 Rapid Response Team.

The work of the Rapid Response Team requires two team members to do all the heavy lifting required. I'm very pleased to announce our newest team member, Christian Loza who has been working with George for the past couple weeks and has already contributed tremendously to the cleanliness and quality of life of the 12th Council District.

With Christian and George now patrolling CD12, our office is able to respond more quickly to requests for service than the average 311 response time. Their presence also allows traditional city department teams to focus their energy and resources addressing issues that require specialized equipment or training. Your assistance however remains critical, especially when it comes to reporting needs for service. If you see such a need, please do not hesitate to call my Community Service Center at (818) 882-1212 during regular business hours or email me at any time.