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A Thanks to Our Firefighters

November 16, 2018

There is not a day that passes when firefighters are not risking their lives for our protection. However, this past week, the heroism of firefighters from LAFD and fire jurisdictions across the country was on display for all to see as they work to contain the Woolsey fire which continues to threaten lives and property in Los Angeles County.

Within the City of Los Angeles, our own West Hills community was forced to evacuate over the weekend. While delivering evacuation notices with my fellow LAPD Officers and doing house calls, I saw firsthand how close the flames came to Los Angeles neighborhoods and it is a testament to the courage and dedication of these firefighters that no structures or lives within the City of Los Angeles were lost.

I also witnessed the difference that proper brush clearance made in protecting homes from damage. It is a near certainty that homes in Los Angeles would have been lost were it not for homeowners following LAFD guidelines on protecting their homes from fires. I encourage you to take this moment to revisit these guidelines and make sure you are following them accordingly.

I also want to acknowledge the community for coming together to assist however they could in supporting firefighters and evacuees. My office partnered with Council District 3 in the operation of a donation and evacuation center. Because of your generosity, the center is more than fully stocked with supplies. However if you wish to give more, I encourage you to make a cash donation to Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation

It is times like this when we show the strength and resilience of our community. And though these days are filled with difficulty, tragedy, and heartbreak, it is more than matched by the outpouring of courage, compassion, and community.