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Supporting Meal Programs for Homebound Seniors

April 12, 2019

I want to acknowledge the work of my Field Deputy Myrka Martinez who handles many issues including support for programs that benefit the elderly in our community. This week, she coordinated our office's support for the Valley Interfaith Council's Homebound Meal Program for seniors.

Seniors face unique challenges when it comes to maintaining the independent lifestyle to which they've grown accustomed. Because of age and decreased mobility, many can find it difficult to keep up with the errands that the rest of us take for granted. The results can be isolating for seniors. Meal programs such as these foster connections so seniors can stay in touch with fellow community members without having to uproot their lives and move to unfamiliar living facilities.

I want to thank the Valley Interfaith Council for providing this vital service. If you are interested in supporting this program or getting involved, I encourage you to visit the VIC website, here.