CD12 Blog

Sign of the Times

September 28, 2018

One common source of blight is unauthorized sign postings on public utility poles and street signs. These can be quite a nuisance as they are small enough to often be overlooked by Sanitation crews but nonetheless are unsightly on public streets and can negatively impact quality of life.

Enter our in-house CD12 Rapid Response Team. I hired these two young A-COP recruits so that they could begin serving the community even before they complete their training to become sworn LAPD officers. Angel & Eric go out three times a week to respond to requests for service as well as proactively address problems they see while patrolling the district in the big yellow CD12 pick-up. This week they took down dozens of illegally placed signs so that they don't end up scattered across our streets and sidewalks.

If you see them out there on the job, feel free to say hi and thank them for the service they provide our community. Also feel free to report any issues no matter how large or small to my office so we can address it promptly.