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Recognizing Leaders

November 30, 2018

Not many community members are aware of the work that the Sunshine Canyon Landfill Local Enforcement Agency Board of Directors does to protect the health and quality of life of neighborhoods in the San Fernando Valley.

The fact that their work goes unnoticed is a testament to how successful this board is at preventing odors from the Sunshine Canyon Landfill from impacting neighborhoods in the vicinity of this major working landfill. This week I recognized two individuals, Eugene Tseng and David Thompson, for their work with the Local Enforcement Agency Board to eradicate odors from the landfill preventing harm to the nearby communities.

This was not always the case, prior to their work, complaints of odors in the vicinity of the landfill were commonplace in surrounding communities. However, thanks to Eugene and David technical expertise and commitment, these have been eliminated and odor complaints have practically disappeared.

Thank you Eugene and David and keep up the great work!