CD12 Blog

Recognizing Community Stalwarts

May 10, 2019

As Councilmember, I take pride in recognizing and celebrating those individuals and businesses who make CD12 special. Often times these are not Fortune 500 companies or famous residents but small businesses that have made CD12 their home and have worked for years to provide their customers with excellent quality service.

Two such businesses are Stephano Tailoring and Andrea's Barbershop which have been family-owned and serving the communities of Council District 12 for decades. Each of these businesses have approached their craft with pride and care and the quality of their work is reflected in the longevity of their businesses.

If you know of or wish to recognize such a business, individual, or enterprise, we'd love to hear about it. I've created a survey portal for you to nominate a person, business, or non-profit that contributes to our thriving community. Note that not all nominees are selected for recognition. We are most interested in folks who may not have been previously recognized. Take the survey here.