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Recognizing the 2019 Academic Decathlon National Champions of Granada Hills Charter School

June 7, 2019
In the last nine years, the Granada Hills Charter High School Academic Decathlon team has claimed top prize at the U.S. Academic National Decathlon National Championship an astounding seven times. That is, simply put, a tremendous achievement that has never been accomplished by another school and may well likely never be repeated.

This week, we celebrated their latest victory in the 2019 competition by unveiling the street sign marking their victory. As you can see in the photos, the pole is becoming precariously overcrowded with victories. Any more championships and we may have to find a new street pole for future signs. Nonetheless, it is a complication our community is proud to have.

The students who worked so hard to achieve this deserve all the praise they have received. Also deserving of our recognition are the parents, teachers, coaches, and community that supported these young men and women throughout the school year and during the competition. As the students will be the first to admit, it was this support which was the key ingredient in setting them up for success.

This victory was more than a victory for Granada Hills Charter High School. It was triumph of our community, a demonstration of the commitment we show to our youth, and a point of pride for us all. 

Check out video from the event below: