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Protecting Your Property from Trespassing

February 22, 2019

One of the most important steps to ensuring the safety of our neighborhoods is having a well-informed public. One common source of confusion is what is required of a property owner when requesting enforcement against trespassing from LAPD.

Getting pro-active enforcement against trespassing requires a few things from the property owner. First, the private property owner should request to file a "No Trespassing" letter with their respective LAPD divisions. The best way to do this is to reach out to the Senior Lead Officer who oversees the area in which the property is located to obtain the letter. Once signed, the owner of the property must make sure that the original signed no trespass letter is returned directly to the local area police station.

If an owner seeks to file a no trespass letter, they must also make sure that they install No Trespass signs with the appropriate 41.24 Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC) and language at all entrances to their property. The precise language depends on the type of property. If the correct signs are not posted, the letter alone is not enough to enforce the No Trespassing sign on the property. 

If you have questions about the type of sign or how to contact your area's Senior Lead Officer, please reach out to my office by contacting our Public Safety Deputy Matthew Hernandez at or by calling (818) 882-1212 during regular business hours.