CD12 Blog

A Partnership Worth Celebrating

December 7, 2018

One of the greatest lessons I've learned in my time as Councilmember is that the strength of a community is based not on any one individual but in the organizations formed to serve that community. 

Council District 12 is blessed to have some of the most active and engaged community organizations in the City of Los Angeles. Few groups are more exemplary than our various neighborhood Chambers of Commerce, including the Chatsworth-Porter Ranch Chamber, the Granada Hills Chamber, and the Northridge Chamber.

Each of these has done tremendous work on behalf of the neighborhoods and businesses they serve. They've been invaluable partners in my efforts to bring jobs and economic development to our neighborhoods and improve quality of life for residents.

That's why I was so moved by the farewell celebration these chambers organized for me this week. I am eternally grateful and will always take incredible pride in what we have accomplished together as a community.