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LAPD Devonshire's Mobile Command Post

April 26, 2019

If you were at the Northridge Fashion Center this past Tuesday you may have noticed several uniformed officers in and around the shopping center. Thankfully, this increased police presence was not the result of any crime but rather part of their mobile command post operation which connects officers with the community they serve by making them accessible to folks who may be curious about their work.

A police force can only be effective when it has the confidence and trust of the people it protects. I'm proud that the communities of CD12 are among the most supportive of our police officers of any in the City as can be attested by the number of volunteer and support organizations. That said it's important for LAPD to reach out to those who might not be as familiar or attend LAPD run events.

That's why programs like the Mobile Command Post are so essential. They bring our Devonshire Division officers to where the people are so that they can engage in dialogue and build the relationships that keep a neighborhood safe.

Thank you to the officers for their commitment to our communities and to everyone who stopped by!