CD12 Blog

Keeping Streets Scare Free

October 26, 2018

Even though Halloween is just around the corner, that doesn't mean we'll let our sidewalks become a scare zone of abandoned goods and trash. My office continues to prioritize quality of life issues to ensure our streets remain safe and livable by directing additional Sanitation Rapid Response resources above and beyond city budgeted levels.

Just in the last week, the Sanitation Rapid Response team has conducted large clean-ups near the cross streets of Devonshire & Petit Ave as well as Tampa & Rinaldi.

These clean-up hot spots can develop very quickly which is why it is important to report the need for a clean-up to my office as soon as the necessity becomes apparent. Sites like this can often contain hazardous materials so it takes special training and equipment to remove such items safely.

It is relentless and difficult work so a special thanks is owed to our Sanitation workers who tackle clean-ups like this on a daily basis. Our constituents remain our eyes in the field to ensure that any scary sights this Halloween don't create unwanted blight from debris on our streets.