CD12 Blog

Introducing Councilmember-Elect John Lee

August 16, 2019

During my time serving as your Councilmember, I have prided myself on the staff I have hired and their devotion to serving this community. So it was with great joy and hope for the future that I introduced the next Councilmember for Council District 12, Councilmember-elect John Lee, to the Los Angeles City Council after his victory in this week's special election.

I have known John since he was a young member of my staff during my initial service as Councilmember for this district. Over the almost two decades since he first joined my office, his commitment and professionalism allowed him to rise within the ranks, ultimately serving as Chief-of-Staff to my successor Mitchell Englander.

Now, as he takes the reins of leadership for our community, I am confident in his ability to represent our neighborhoods on the Council. His time spent as a staff member has made it so he enters office with the requisite knowledge to be effective at City Hall, but he remains a resident who grew up, got his education, and has raised his family in our community. He knows what makes Council District 12 the safest, best-run district in the City of Los Angeles and will fight to maintain that distinction for the neighborhoods he has always called home. 

While an exact transition date is yet to be determined pending the final certification of the vote, I promise to manage a seamless transition in which services continue uninterrupted. Thank you again for the opportunity to serve a second time. It is always an honor to serve. And while leaving is bittersweet, I remain incredibly proud of what our community has accomplished and hopeful for what we will accomplish in the years to come.