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Budget Hearings in City Council

May 10, 2019

Starting last week, the Los Angeles City Council began hosting hearings on the Mayor's budget proposal for the fiscal year 2019/20. The annual budget is the most significant policy document the City Council produces in a given year. This is the legislation that determines how the city addresses its various priorities such as paying for public safety resources, street and infrastructure maintenance, neighborhood amenities like parks and libraries, and how it will address serious challenges like the homelessness and housing crisis.

Currently the budget is being reviewed by the City Council's Budget & Finance committee which is reviewing the document in its entirety while making the alterations and adjustments it deems necessary. Once passed out of committee, the budget will then come before the full City Council  where it will face a vote of approval or a request for further changes.

As I have done throughout my career, my priorities for this budget are to support the services that keep our neighborhoods safe and protect quality-of-life while ensuring fiscally responsible budget practices that are sustainable. We are lucky that a strong economy has resulted in strong revenues for the city but we must remain vigilant as the economic outlook can always take a turn for the worse and catch the City off-guard if we haven't prepared for such eventualities.

As your Councilmember, I will work to ensure these priorities are met. I also invite you to review the budget yourself if you wish. The present proposal can be viewed online and the budget committee hearings can be watched live on the City of LA website, here. You are also welcome to attend budget meetings and give comment on issues that are important to you.