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Breaking Ground on Bloom Park

October 5, 2018

This week I'm proud to announce the arrival of a day that was over a decade in the making. Today, it was my honor to join the Department of Recreation & Parks and Toll Brothers to break ground on a new 50 acre park in our community: Bloom Park.

This park will be second-to-none among parks in Los Angeles. It will offer modern amenities and panoramic views of the San Fernando Valley, Simi Hills, and Santa Monica and Santa Susana Mountains.

It will provide ample opportunities for recreation and play including a basketball court, tennis courts, a splash pad, hiking trails, and two playgrounds for both younger and older children. It will also feature a stage and pavilion for arts and performances that the community can enjoy.   

While the park was in its planning stages, Toll Brothers approached me with the idea of naming the park Englander Park. And while I was honored at the thought, there were two individuals who I felt were more deserving.

Bloom Park is named for and being dedicated to my mother Linda "Honey" Bloom and my sister Natalie Pamela Bloom who was also known as the Tulip Fairy. These two remarkable San Fernando Valley women led lives that were typical of the struggles so many women face.

Linda who passed away at the young age of 50, was a struggling single mother of three. Though she lost her own home due to financial struggle, she continued to volunteer throughout the community while raising her children. Linda relied heavily on local parks and recreation programs to make sure her children had safe places to go after school.
Natalie was Linda’s first child. A Valley native, Natalie truly enjoyed the outdoors, though she often struggled with the poor air quality in the basin. For years, Natalie was frequently rushed to the hospital due to chronic, severe asthma. Natalie went on to become a Head Start elementary school teacher with a deep passion for music and outdoor events. Natalie passed away at the young age of 40 from complications resulting from asthma.  
Linda Bloom is survived by her two sons, and Natalie’s younger brothers; Andrew Bloom, myself, and our families.

This park is dedicated in the memory of Linda and Natalie Bloom to give local residents the opportunity to check their troubles at the door, and enjoy outdoor recreation and events with their family, friends and neighbors.

In lieu of naming the park after the Councilmember, the amphitheater will be called Englander Pavilion. The park and event space is expected to take approximately a year to construct and will open no later than 2020.
Councilmember Mitchell Englander and wife Jayne Englander celebrate the groundbreaking of Bloom Park and the unveiling of the Englander Pavilion at Bloom Park name