CD12 Blog

7th Annual Principal's Meeting

October 5, 2018

This week my office held the 7th of our annual Welcome Back to School Workshop for Principals. The purpose of this event is to connect school leadership and administrators with critical resources that improve the educational experience and increase opportunities available for the students in our community.

Over 200 principals, teachers, administrators, and other support staff attended this year making it the largest principals' meeting we've held yet. While schools are not under the purview of the Council Office or City Hall, this distinction is irrelevant to a family interested in the quality of life of a neighborhood. That is why we must work together to achieve our goals of providing a safe and supportive place for our youth to learn.

We included the Los Angeles Police Department in this meeting to ensure safe routes to school are protected. My office offers special internships and additional resources for schools to use so that they might see how lessons learned in school can apply beyond the classroom.

I want to thank everyone for coming out and participating in this event to make it such a success. Our children remain our best hope for our future and it is because individuals who care devote their lives to investing in them.