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16th Annual Day of the Horse Celebration at Stoney Point Park

April 19, 2019

This past Sunday saw the return of the Annual Day of the Horse Celebration at Stoney Point Ranch. The Day of the Horse is organized by Chatsworth Neighborhood Council with sponsorship by my office.

There are only a few neighborhoods in Los Angeles that maintain the horse keeping tradition that dates back to the founding of our City. None of these are as dedicated and active as the equestrian community in Chatsworth. 

Horses are not just pets. They are a cultural touchstone that throughout history has powered human achievement. These days, many folks mostly see horses in connection with movies and TV shows. However, horses continue to provide many underappreciated benefits to individuals and communities.

Horses support therapeutic programs and foster a stronger connection between people and our natural surroundings in a time when many are isolated in their cars. They also support police officers in mounted units at public events where a car or motorcycle would be disruptive or cannot operate. Above all though, as they have for thousands of years, they provide a deep friendship with their human caretakers that is unique among domesticated animals.

Sunday's event celebrated horses for these gifts and so much more. Thank you to everyone who attended and who helped make this day possible and especially all the horses for their enduring and loyal friendship.